Nursery Art with Framebridge


Happy hump day, my friends! It took everything in me not to share this little project in collaboration with Framebridge before the time was right.  You can see that the nursery is coming together a little bit at a time!  First the dresser/changing table revamp on Monday, and now I have at least one little corner of the room complete.  I’m still waiting on a rug and crib before we’ll be about done, so stay tuned for more little updates here and there… plus the big picture room reveal later this summer.

When it comes to this nook, however, I have been looking at these prints sitting in the baby’s room for weeks just dying to hang them.  Let me start out by saying that I’m terrible at having things framed.  I have art that I bought years ago sitting in a pile in my office just waiting on me to get them framed.  In fact, I bought these really adorable ‘Animals of High Moral Standing’ and ‘Animals of Low Moral Standing’ prints by Rachael Posnak back in 2011.  That’s forever ago to sit on a print. I wanted them to be framed in something that felt collected and funky, like I’d found them at a flea market or something… but since the prints were a unique size, it was almost impossible to find something existing that met my needs.  So I basically just procrastinated on this project for five years.


Then, when I got the opportunity to work with Framebridge, I was eager to see if the process was something that could banish my procrastination.  It’s strange that there are some things in life that I’ll go to lengths to complete, but art was just a stagnant area for me.  Am I alone here?  I want it to look good, but getting something professionally framed seemed like such an ordeal.  I’d used local framers at craft shops before and they took weeks (and it was really expensive!).  So this was kind of a personal experiment in the thought range of, if they can make this easy enough for me to actually follow through with, it will be a miracle.

Since the frames were made to shape and matted professionally, I didn’t have much destination on the size dilemma, and I really loved the Mandalay frame with white mat which I felt matched my ‘collected’ vision.





I want to say, that I was so shocked by how quick and easy the process was, that I’ll be exclusively using this method going forward.  There is just no reason not to.  After checkout, I immediately got a shipping label via email, shipped out the art, and got it back within a week.  It was shocking how efficient and quick it all was.  I also had a few downloadable prints (which aren’t quite ready to be revealed) done which was just as easy as uploading a file.

Since I was so enthralled with the process, I wanted to give you guys an opportunity to try it as well.  Hop on over to Framebridge and use the code EarnestHomeCo15 to receive 15% off your entire order through 8/31/16.

p.s. not that you can see much of my outfit aside from the back of the dress, BUT it’s one of the outfits I share in my summer capsule collection which has over 130 outfit ideas and all of the 35 pieces to create them.  Hop over to see the full post on the collection and get the source for this space dyed maternity dress here!


Disclosure:  This post was done in partnership with Framebridge and compensation was provided.  Thank you so much for your continued support of the brands that keep this blog up and running!

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