Nursery Design Progress

nursery progress

I’m back today after a long holiday weekend with an update on the nursery!  We’ve had some major changes in this room in the last few months, and I thought it best to talk through some of the foundational changes before we move onto finishing the decor.

You can see the room totally stripped down below.  We had pulled up old carpet and done a lot of painting. We ended up deciding on painting the walls a creamy, neutral gray called Sheep’s Wool by Benjamin Moore in Aura Interior Eggshell finish. I spoke in depth about my ‘off white’ choices for our rooms in this post if you’re interested in finding the best white! We were originally planning on painting this room Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore in Aura Interior Eggshell finish, but made a swap at the last moment.  The kitchen is under this room and they get a lot of the same light.  Since we loved it so much in our kitchen we knew we’d love it in here too.  It’s such a clean color that is slightly gray, but still comes off as fresh and bright.


Along with the wall color, we chose a bright white trim paint to freshen up all of the baseboards, window casings, and our new closet doors!  The old closet doors were bi-folds which I detested, so we took them off and installed new three panel doors with surrounding trim. I am going to have to dig up a good ‘before’ picture which shows the ugly old doors for the grand before/after reveal.

Regardless, the closet wall never had baseboard trim either, so when we installed the doors, we installed baseboards as well and painted it all a fresh white.

Then went in the carpet!  You guys know we had such an ordeal with that, so just the carpet and new paint made us feel so accomplished in this room.



In the meantime, we’ve gotten some of the other big updates taken care of and I’ve updated the inspiration board accordingly.  We installed a new light fixture, which is now unavailable, but I got it for $10 (!!) at Lowe’s. We’ve assembled and painted the changing table dresser and put together the crib.  We put up a few pieces of art that I had made with Framebridge, but we still have a few other pieces that need hung as well.  We also installed some natural shades with blackout backing from Bali Blinds.  They’re motorized as well and go up and down with a remote, so there are no strings at all.  I also plan on hanging some drapes flanking the shades.

I’ve updated the collage below to align more with the direction we’ve taken, as it varies somewhat from the original inspiration.  We swapped out the rug and rattan ottoman for more economical options and ended up getting a glider recliner instead of a rocker.


Nursery Plans update Roundup

Chandelier | Art | Floor Lamp | Pillow | Crib | Rug | Glider | Ottoman


All in all the design of the room remains fairly similar.  It’s gender neutral, but has some trendy elements.  It mostly just meshes well with the rest of the house which was my main goal.  It’s pretty close to being done and I can’t wait to show you guys the final reveal in a month or so!

How to you find the progress?  I typically like just showing the before and after, but since so much has gone into the foundational aspects of these rooms, I couldn’t ignore sharing the progress.  It may seem so small, but the painting, carpet, and door building took much longer than expected, so we’re pretty stoked with the massive leaps in this room!

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