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cant shake that feeling

Regardless of what’s going on here each day, I’ve always got a bazillion other things on my mind to ensure that I’m thinking ahead enough for blog content or just thinking ahead enough for where my career is going or just managing the household (and all of the changes that are a result of the blogging).  There are things that can be put on a to do list, then there are those beasts of ideas that have entire to-do lists of their own.  Those are the things haunting me this week.


This is something I was adamantly against when I launched the Grandiflora Home + Decor online shop last fall. I didn’t want to be ‘tied down’ to a shop or manage employees or pay the overhead.  Since then, however, it’s been seeming more and more appealing to me. Maybe it’s the general nesting feelings that come with the fall, but it’s just been a thought that looms in the back of my mind and fogging my ability to sort out the future steps for the business.  I find myself dreaming about what my shop would look like or what it would offer.  Maybe it’s a dream, maybe it’s something more, but it sure it taking up a bit of space in my brain. I need to actually make a legit plan of what steps and finances a store would take so that I can know if it’s an idea to act upon or an idea to shelve.

King-Sized Upgrade

This seems so silly, I know, but I’m actually nervous about the change.  I feel like I just got my bedroom where I like it.  The grey pin tucked duvet from Crane & Canopy, the lemony yellow ikat shams, the DIY linen nailhead headboard… I love it all!  But, it is time for an upgrade.  Our mattress is a queen and is the first model of temperpedic, which means it get’s blazing hot. We decided that if we’re going to get a new mattress, we should go ahead and upgrade to a king, but that means starting over with my decor – from the headboard right down to the sheets. I’ve started to brainstorm what I’ll do this time around and I’m definitely going to have a few DIYs involved (which will need to be sooner rather than later if we want to sleep on the new bed coming next week EEK!).  I have a WHOLE post on Monday with my preliminary ideas.

The holidays are upon us

I know it’s still October.  I know it’s probably the last thing you guys want to hear, but I’ve got holidays on the brain. I keep thinking of all of these awesome projects, but since I’m still working on some big projects for November (and now pile on the new bed projects) I can’t quite get my ideas in any sort of tangible order for Christmas.  As a blogger, we’ve got to post early and plan earlier and I’ve got a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach for a reason I can’t quite pinpoint. Maybe I’ll devote some time this weekend to brainstorming and putting pen to paper with the ideas.

change is in the air

Maybe the rebrand topic is why the thoughts of the storefront has been prominent.  I can’t envision the future of my branding with out thinking about the future of where the brand will BE.  I can’t discuss too many details right now because working out details is what’s giving me anxiety.  All I can say is that I’m working toward making what currently feels like two totally separate jobs (the blog and the shop) into one cohesive career.  Although I’ve taken the first steps, I’m currently paralyzed with fear about making a wrong move for either brand. It’s difficult stuff and my current strategy has been total avoidance.


When tasks or ideas loom overhead, I am usually comforted by writing down the big picture on a giant post-it note, and then writing down the to-do list that goes with the task.  Since I’ve been traveling for the past week, this anti-anxiety exercise isn’t something I’ve been able to do, which is why a few things have built up. I have looming deadlines for lots of projects not listed here as well (including flowers for a wedding this weekend!), so I’ll need to get my organizational butt in gear.  After the flowers are done on Saturday, I think I’ll take some alone time on Sunday morning to organize, do my list-making exercise, and try to focus.

What do you do when each item on your To-Do list has it’s own To-Do list?


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