On my Radar: Botanical prints

I already expressed my unrelenting case of the spring fever and while most people don’t care for rain, it reminds me of the fresh newness that is about to envelop the loitering delay of winter.  I don’t mean to be giving you a step by step on Ohio weather, but around March of each year I get this overwhelming appreciation for all things botanical (this could have been why my entire April wedding was plant themed…).  Regardless, I LOVE botanical prints and I love them year round – I am just feeling especially fond of them this week!

*posters below from Artaissance via Eddie Ross (above)

*photo from Elle Decor June 2009 via Anne Sage


*multiple prints above from etsy store fiction

*above from zgallerie, and below decoupage platters from John Derian

How are you feeling about botanical prints? Let me know in the comments section of the post!  Now, I have to go because I’m super late!

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