On My Radar: Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

I first saw photos of this store on Remodelista, and couldn’t help but share with you guys. The story behind such an odd, but innovative concept is actually quite wonderful.  We Made This ltd, a group of graphic designers specializing in print work, were inspired to create a writing workshop where professional writers and volunteers could help children ages 8-18 by tutoring them one-on-one.  They created Hoxton Street Monster Supplies as a fantastical storefront..for just behind a set of shelves, their not-for-profit writing workshop, Ministry of Stories, hides. 

The store for monsters exists not only serve as an inspiring platform for the imagination of the children, but also to help fund the project.  Isn’t this just a wonderful combination of design and fun? Spend some time browsing the websites above, it looks like the group had a ton of fun putting it together!

I hope you don’t run into any monsters this Thursday!


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