one year down, forever to go…

This weekend marks my one year wedding anniversary, and as I was looking for a gift to buy for my amazing, sweet husband of one year, I went back to the traditional list of anniversary gifts by year.  Year one: paper… Seriously, paper? What am I supposed to buy a man that is paper?

But I am a sucker for tradition so I have been thinking for the last few weeks of what to get Matty for the first special remembrance of our wedding.  The thought came to me to buy art.  Something he can hang, something he can look at and think of me, and something that won’t go bad, be used up, or fade away.  In my search for something beautifully romantic and simple I came across some of these inspiring pieces of art which are all hearts.

It made me reflect on the past year, the start of something new, and made me want to put these pieces all over my house!

Okay, so the last one wasn’t a heart, but it couldn’t be closer to the truth!  The one I actually choose to buy him was a bit more masculine and could go up in his man cave without getting giggles from his friends – or maybe just a few!

Click here to see the print I picked by Gemma Correll!

*photos: first three from sarah&bendrix, Elliot Kaufman Photography, sarah&bendrix, pulp design studios, made by girl 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Super exciting announcement:

I have a guest blogger, Lacey Anne, who will be posting next week while I’m off to Hawaii.  She is the creative DIY-er behind the dining room chair recover that I posted about last month. She will have a lot of amazing things to share with you guys including some insight on how to decorate your front porches for spring and summer weather!  Make sure to check back throughout the week to see her insightful and inspiring ideas!

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