Open Air Everywhere

It’s the first of September and this is the perfect time of year for some open doors and windows.  It is cooler, but still sunny, humidity is decreasing and the fresh fall air is creeping in. There is always a time of the year in both the spring and the fall which I dub ‘open window weather’ (creative, I know).  This is a time when there is no heat, no a/c, and windows stay open! Get a fan if you have to, or get a blanket if you must, but all of that fresh air is required!

I dream of large open windows or french doors. Unfortunately, the only way I’ll achieve that is if we blow out the back of the house. I live in a home that has some windows which are painted or caulked shut.  It’s pretty hilarious when people say, ‘so you don’t have air conditioning, and your windows don’t open?’ Haha… it’s funny because it’s true.  I did go around one day with a box cutter and open the windows that could be pried, but in a 120 year old house some windows are just not suitable to be fussed with.  So we live with it until the day we decide to break down and put all new windows into this house.

Oh, and in the kitchen too!  This is just fabulous.  Both the fresh air that french doors bring in as well as the access to the patio, either way, I’m loving this.

Even a large window with panes that swing open would be so wonderful! The few times I’ve been to Europe, this is one thing that sticks with me – all of the wonderful windows which just swing open and grant you instant access to the beautiful and fresh outdoors (or on my last trip to Italy, the windows of my Florence hotel room swung open and granted me instant access to the Louis Vuitton across the street – sweet!).

If this was where I woke up to this morning, I’d be waking up in heaven!

What are your thoughts? Some people control their HVAC so meticulously that there is never really a ‘windows open’ period for them!  Are you one of those people?


*photos: 1/ Bosworth Hoedemaker 2/3/4/5/6/ Journal de Maison

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