Our Black and White Christmas Entryway


For whatever reason, my entryway is the place in my house where I always feel the most holiday spirit.  You’d think it would be the tree, but no, in fact it’s walking down the wood steps with the garland lit up and the chandelier dimmed that really brings it all home for me.  It’s the same way every year too.

This year with my black and white Christmas theme, I wanted that special festive feeling I get from my entryway to be no different. Since my walls are blue, I really had to keep the rest of the ‘colors’ to an absolutely minimum so that the black and whiteness of my decorations could really stand out.  Since I obviously had to add in green, any other color (even just a drop of red) would have thrown this whole thing for a loop and made it feel like a circus.  Well… a circus to a colorphobe like me, anyway.  So I worked hard to keep it really tight. 


When I was hanging the garland, I realized that one length of garland wasn’t enough to swag nicely, so I went big with two sections of garland and let the second curl around the banister and trail onto the floor.  I think it looks lush and romantic!

A trio of sugar pinecones tied with black ribbon hang from the entry mirror and our new (DIY tomorrow!) buffalo check stockings hang with the greenery from the banister. A few of my advent trees and a black candelabra create a little vignette on the entry table.



A few cushions that I’d bought a few weeks ago from Target are right at home on the entry bench (my design from the shop!).  Even Perry loves it… although it’s hard to tell by her ‘mom, stop making me pose for photos’ scowl.  She’s happy, take my word for it.



All lit up, I just love it! I keep walking up and down the stairs by the front staircase (as opposed to the kitchen staircase) just to soak it all in.

Ok, your turn.  Tell me… is there a part of your house that you just love decorating more than others?


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