Our Christmas Home Tour


With Christmas in just two days, it’s the calm before the storm in my house.  Gifts are wrapped, the decorations are all up, fresh flowers are in vases, and the bar and table are set. I’m probably at the grocery store as we speak preparing for the games and dinner we will have at our house tonight with our closest friends.

You guys have seen some of these photos before, but most are new.  I wanted to give you a peek at the big picture and how my personal take on the Colonial Christmas theme this year has played out throughout the house.

Before we get on with it however, I’ll let you know a few things about my decor strategy.  When I litter my house with holiday cheer, I’m usually not so cheerful when it comes to clearing it out.  For this reason, I’ve picked just a few places where I really focus when decorating.  And, don’t get me wrong, I do not skimp on these areas, but it’s much easier to clear out when its all concentrated in groupings.

This year, I went all out on the living room (obviously), the entryway (because I love decorating the stairway), the dining room for the clear tie-in with entertaining, and a little sprinkle in my bedroom.  That’s all! Aside from a holiday floral arrangement and tubs of cookies, there is no evidence of Christmas in my kitchen.  I didn’t decorate my guest room, office, or bathroom.  Now, I’ll probably break down and put some floral arrangements and maybe a cute guest towel in my bathroom tomorrow, but I won’t photo it because it’s the worst room in the house and the lovely shell-shaped sink just doesn’t scream ‘holiday spirit’.  Still without those rooms, it’s a fairly long post with lots of photos, so buckle up! 

The look is tied together by  receptive use of elements like garland, red details, oranges, and magnolia leaves.


You all have seen the entry, but I want to share it again because aside from the tree, it’s my favorite.  I am so happy that I have a direct line of sight into the entry while sitting in the living room. It makes me quite happy.



Next, I’ve created a makeshift bar in my dining room for the festivities tonight and covered the weathered wooden table in some marble pastry boards. A garland and twinkle lights are draped around the mirror and a few little festive tid-bits – our own designed confetti glasses, our topiary, and a DIY sweater clad bottle of Kahlúa (ready for the peppermint hot cocoa I’m going to be drinking non-stop starting at around noon today).  The table was just set yesterday and mixes the colonial theme with some rustic elements.  The fruit centerpiece is one of my favorite parts of the table!



Onto the living room!  Regardless of last week’s mantle video, I don’t really have a mantle to decorate, which makes me very sad.  If there was anywhere else to put the TV, we would.  People just ask me about decorating mantles SO much, that I thought it would be fun to clear the TV out and play with mantle decor for a day. Anyway, with the mantle space I do have, I used the homemade magnolia garland, golden turtledoves, and red apples.  We have white tulips and white roses with some evergreen clippings on the coffee table, sheepskin accents on the ottoman and couch, a gold tree high up there on the shelves.

The Christmas tree is another extension of my Colonial theme.  I wrapped the tree in white lights, red felt ball garland, and mini pine cone garland. More red apples really ‘pop’ against the green of the tree and loads of mercury glass ornaments really sparkle.  I even bought some very traditional german tree candles, although I won’t be lighting them!



I set up another tree in our stairwell this year because it’s got a 3 sided bay window and in my opinion, you cannot have a bay window and not put a tree in it.  This is one of a billion utterly ridiculous rules that I inflict upon myself.  I’m pretty obsessed with how it looks!


Lastly, I did aad a small touch to my bedroom with some red luminary houses and a small topiary tucked into my shelves.  I always have a bedside flower arrangement, so adding a bit of evergreen to it mades the bedroom smell like Christmas!

This year has been one of my absolute favorite years for decorating.  I’ve loved some of my past themes, too, but this one really captures the opulent, luxe, old world spirit that I like so much during the holidays.  It all just makes me want to sing some classic carols by a fire, which I will do, and Matt will laugh at me, but it will be done nonetheless.

I am so so happy to have had the opportunity to share the process with you all and hope you loved following along!



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