Our Home: Sprucing Up a Summer Living Room

I love sprucing up a room to make it feel seasonally appropriate.  My previous living room textiles, although not too specific to winter, were a few years old and I felt like the room needed a little pick-me-up.  A little trip to West Elm yesterday was all my living room needed! I went with light and bright shades of yellow, chartreuse, and green for an airy, summer feel.  The green-yellow cushion cover in my little nook has a really pretty embroidered chevron detail.

I also wanted to bring some of the green from outside into the house, and a pair of succulents in a pretty planter along with a larger plant in a woven basket do just the trick. I also added a smaller votive holder in a bright grassy green.

On the couch I added some new cushion covers in a hand embroidered grey and a brightly colored silk.  A greenish-yellow fuzzy blanket gives the perfect pop and will come in handy for cool summer nights.

The new additions are definitely brightening up my Monday!  What do you think?  Do you like the color direction?

NOT TO BE MISSED… I have a secret surprise for you (that relates to this revamp) coming up tomorrow at 8am.  Be sure to stop back by!

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