Party Beverage Bucket DIY

diy champagne bucket

My favorite part of entertaining has always been finding my own way to do things that is cool and low cost.  This particular project is one that I’ve done a few times before for other parties and just love how customizable it is.  Beverage tubs and champagne buckets tend to be one of those things that are weirdly expensive.  I saw an iron one last year that I like and it was over $100! Really, it’s just a tub!

So, I have started using small (bathroom sized) trashcans as a stand-in to keep bottles cold during our parties.  They’re inexpensive enough to not be a big blow to your party budget and with a couple of drawer pulls or knobs from the hardware store and a quick customization they also turn out way more cute than the run of the mill version.



It’s an easy three step process and rolls in at under $20.  Want to make your own?  



  • Iron finish trashcan (mine was 9.99 from Home Goods)
  • Iron finish drawer pulls ($3 each from Lowes)
  • Screws ($2 at Lowes)
  • Glitter Stickers

The screws that come with the drawer pulls will be too long to use.  You’ll need to walk a few aisles over in the hardware store and find a screw that is the same width as the one included with the pull, but is much shorter so that the drawer pull sits flush against the outside of the bin.

diy beverage bucket tutorial

ONE using a drill bit that is the same size in diameter as your screws, drill the holes for your drawer pulls.  TWO screw the screws from inside the bucket into the drawer pull. (this depends on the style of drawer pull you use). THREE using a straight line, stick your stickers in the message of your choice onto the outside of the tub.

I use stickers for this project because they come off easily and the message can be changed.  You could always use paint and a stencil to do a more permanent customization.


DSC_7813 DSC_7819

Doesn’t it look like SO much more than just a wastebasket? I’d love to try one for Christmas using a clear (acrylic) bin with stone or agate pulls.  I’ll show you guys if I end up making it!!


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