Party Prep: Decorate your Food with Cute Grosgrain Flags

Cute little food picks make of grosgrain ribbon are an easy way to carry a color theme throughout a party.  Some people struggle with how to continue their theme outside of the plates and napkins, but it is easy (and fun) with these little flags!

Making them is a snap! I put these together last night in just a few minutes.  Find ribbon which coordinates with your party theme or colors, and find some wooden skewers, toothpicks, and double sided tape.

The uses are endless!

Smaller toothpick flags are used for picking up olives, cheeses and meats.  The larger flags will be perfect for fruit garnish in my red and white sangrias.  For your party, you can always switch that around too!  The smaller ones might be great atop a martini with an olive, and the large ones would be super cute poking out of a cupcake!

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and I’m excited to adorn the food and drinks on Thursday with a wonderful pop of color!


What do you do to incorporate color into your events? Please share! I would LOVE to hear!

Have a FANTASTIC Tuesday!!

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