Past to Present

I know you guys have heard me harp on the fact that I’d like to live abroad at some point, and sometimes I just can’t help myself but to cruise the international real estate sites for a little eye candy.  Although I’m always drawn toward rustic Scandinavian inspired homes that are full of character, I couldn’t help but give this home a second look for it’s more modern take on a European classic.

This home in Chilworth (about 2 hours outside London), is built to look like a classic German post and beam home, but with an intensely modern spin.

I love that it is so open and the very clean lines still emulate the rustic buildings of the past.  I think I could get around to a newer home if it were built to look like an old one! Plus, it would have way more natural light and closet space!

Although this home is also decorated quite modern, I think just looking at the bones, you could go with almost any decor scheme.  I’m envisioning this decorated more like the barn houses I love with lots of natural elements and worn pieces.

What do you think?  Love the modern take on an architectural classic?

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