Pastel Dipped Glassware

pastel glassware

I’m still a sucker for dipped things even after years of dipping and dying anything that stands still.  I’ve had the idea for some smokey semi-opaque glasses for a while now, and did a few trials this week to figure out the best way to get the look I was after.  The finished result is a not-too-thick pastel color that is perfect for spring.  I can’t wait to make myself some lemonade in one of these or to see one full of flowers by my bedside!  It will be just what I was after.

dip dye glasses votives vase

Plain paint would be way too thick and thinning it down with water makes the finish dull (like seaglass).  I got the idea to mix the paint with clear sealer to tone down the opacity and to keep the color glossy and bright.  Although acrylic paints are not meant to come in contact with food, they are non-toxic, so I like to limit their use to at least an inch below the rim of the glass so that you don’t actually drink from the paint part.  If you’re still not sure, use these pretty glasses for votives on your spring table or for flowers.  It’s up to you!

For the full tutorial and material list 

dipped glassware materials

dipped glass tutorial copy

ONE mix 3/4 bottle of paint and  3/4 bottle of clear gloss with one ounce water in a disposable cup.  TWO dip the glass into the disposable cup until the paint comes just about 3/4 of the way up the cup.  I made mine a bit lopsided for fun, but you can do it either way. THREE let the cups sit to dry on a making sheet overnight.  FOUR flip the cups over and fill in any blank spots from the baking rack.  Then, move all glasses to a baking sheet (upside down) and put them into the oven.  Turn the oven onto 350 and time for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let the glassware cool as the oven cools. Make sure to put the glasses into a cool oven so that they heat up gradually.

dipped glasses ombre dipdye glasses

After curing in the oven, the glasses should be dishwasher safe on the top rack.  I wouldn’t soak them, however!

Even if you choose some bright colors, they really tone down with the clear gloss, so they look perfectly pastel. Enjoy your pretty new glasses!

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