Patriotic (ice cream) Pops!

red white and blue ice cream bars

This fourth of July, I’ll be soaking in the sun during a couple of days away from the ol’ job and, of course, enjoying some of the quintessential aspects of summer.  One of those things, is a cool, icy summer treat like ice cream… and why shouldn’t ice cream be patriotic?

I made this super easy ice cream by just by layering flavors with a naturally red, white, and blue hue. lining a loaf pan with freezer paper makes them easy to remove and some craft sticks make them easy to enjoy.

red white and blue ice cream

patriotic ice cream bar

It was one of those creations of my mind that I thought, ‘oh, this probably won’t work’… but then it did.  For the full instructions and step by step photos continue on!

ice cream bar workflow

ONE let the first (red) pint of ice cream or sorbet sit on out and get melty.  Spoon it into the bottom of a freezer-paper-lined loaf pan. Place the first layer in the freezer until frozen through.  During this time, get the second (white) pint out and let it get melty.  Spoon over top of the frozen red layer. TWO stick craft sticks into the loaf pan at regular intervals.  Put the pan back into the freezer for an hour until it’s solid.  During this time, get the third (blue) pint out and let it melt.  THREE pour the blue layer over top of the white and in between the sticks. Place the pan back into the freezer overnight.  FOUR dunk the loaf pan in a couple of inches of hot water to loosen it from the pan.  Using the freezer paper, pull it from the pan carefully and place on a cutting board.  Work quickly to cut into bars.

patriotic ice cream

ice cream bars for 4th

I love that this is pretty simple by just using store-bought ice cream pints!  I bought raspberry, coconut, and blueberry, but just go to the grocery store and take a peek at all of the different variations you could make!

I hope you’ll give this a try and report back!

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