Plans for a Modern Natural Baby Boy Nursery

Nursery by Making Home Pretty

Eight months ago when I became pregnant, we thought the new house would be close to finished by the time baby was born and I had no plans of making a proper nursery here, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. Here we are, just over 7 weeks from delivery and we haven’t even broken ground on the house yet. Since we will now have the baby in the farmhouse for longer than a few weeks, we’re going to do a legit nursery in this house. This also means we’ll have to shift some rooms around.

The office will be moving to to third floor, which will now function as a both guest room and an office. It’s certainly a large enough room, but the attic was the only place in the house we have for long-term storage, so that means storage needs to move elsewhere. Luckily, my mother-in-law has an unfinished basement and has kindly let us store our dozen rubbermaid tubs full of memorabilia, old photos, yearbooks, ski equipment, etc.

We spent the weekend moving the storage to my MILs house, clearing out the office, and getting it ready for a nursery. You may have seen a sneak peek on my instagram stories with some green paint that we used in the room as well. It wasn’t my original intention to paint anything, but the ceiling needed some repairs and after the repairs, it needed repainted. We took the opportunity to paint it something fun – green! Green is a little accent color I’m using in the nursery. I took some green inspiration from nurseries like the one above which had a sweet vintage and modern mix. Let me show you what I have planned.

Paint | Flag | VW Art | Curtains | Crib | Sconce | Recliner | Rug | Green Check Fabric | Windowpane Fabric | Similar Side Table

We’re moderately on our way to getting this room figured out. We’ve got the ceiling painted, rug is bought, and the curtains, glider and crib (which are the same ones we used in Maeve’s nursery) are waiting to be assembled.

I’ll be sharing a lot of this in my instagram stories tomorrow, so stop over and see the progress first hand! Maybe you’ll get a peek of the third floor too!

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