Points for Trying

points for trying

I’ve never been much of a housekeeper.  Or a much of a lot of things actually.  I don’t work out enough or drink enough water or wash my face nearly enough. I really fail when it comes to doing laundry and watering my flowers.  Around the house, it’s quite evident that I don’t give 100% to lots of things.  I run a blog, I run a shop and a consulting business and try to spend as much time as possible with my husband.  But all of those other things, they all just ‘kind of’ get done. I try, I really do, but at the end of each day, there are things that never get crossed off the list.

The other night, I’m thinking about all of this while doing the dishes from the giant batch of homemade salsa that I’d made (more on that later), and I’m really dwelling on the point that I didn’t drink enough (any) water that day. It was one of the goals I’d literally made 10 hours earlier and I’d already botched it. As I’m thinking about this super-imposing, held-over-my-head standard that I am trying to achieve, something struck me.  As adults, we don’t give ourselves nearly enough credit for the small things we do accomplish.  So maybe I didn’t hit my water quota, but I did get clean sheets put on the bed, that means something, right?  Points for me. So what you forgot to pack your kid’s lunch and had to give them money, but then you got the grocery shopping done, and under budget! That makes up for it, no?  Points for you.

A day will never come that I do all of the things I think I should. There are so so so many things that can get forgotten, left behind, and just plain overlooked that when we do remember the small things (like watering the plants) we should give ourselves some points.

The other night when I was feeling like a water drinking failure, I thought about the fact that I am blessed with the whole next day to try to do better.  I will wake up with a clean slate and again give myself the goal of washing my face and watering my flowers, and watering myself. And not only will I try, but I’ll also give myself some points for trying.  And points for making homemade salsa.


p.s.  Homemade salsa recipe will be on the blog tomorrow.  AND it’s better than you think homemade salsa can be based on one little trick-a-roo. Come back to see it!


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