Pom Pom Letter Banner

pom pom letter banner

It’s no secret that I love Halloween.  The slightly eerie, but still fun holiday is a great excuse to decorate with the dark and creepy that may not be so well suited in your home during the remainder of the year.

My black pom pom letter banners are quirky and amusing, and can be used for much more than Halloween (fun colors for a birthday, maybe?).

pom boo banner

pom pom letter bunting

The letters look like fluffy spiders and are fun to make.   I’ll give you the step by step coming up next!

boo bunting pom pom template pom letter banner tutorial pom letter banner

ONE I created a template to create poms that are about 1.5″ wide.  You can use a plastic fork and get the same results, just slightly smaller. TWO wrap the template (or fork) with yarn – about 40 wraps will work.  THREE tie the bundle though the center and knot tightly.  FOUR cut the two looped edges to release the bundle from your template.  FIVE trim the pom so that it’s symmetrical. SIX glue your poms to letters printed from a home printer for a guide.

boo banner


BOO!  There you are!

If you have a couple of bored kids sitting around, put them to work on some poms!  When I was 13, this would have been my jam… (wait, it still is)!

Have a SCARY Wednesday out there guys!

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