Powder Room Play – Silver or Gold?

I’m totally a sucker for a pretty powder room, any anything that has an aged metallic look is high in my book.

I have been so into gold lately that I kind of forgot about my love for silver until I saw this stunning bathroom.  It got me thinking, what do I prefer? Gold of Silver?

What about you?  If you did have to choose, which would it be in your home?


This Thursday, there is a ton going on.  Firstly, I’m on Etsy later today sharing they way to create an inspiring home workspace!  I’m beyond excited to be contributing to Etsy, as it is my go-to site when I’m looking for unique pieces for my home and parties!

Second, I have another round of wedding flowers this weekend, with a much different esthetic than last weekend!  Follow along on instagram (@houseofearnest) for behind the scenes photos of my process! It all starts today with the rehearsal dinner for which I’m making up some all-white floral arrangements, then continues on to a very vibrant hot pink motif on Saturday! I’m excited to show you all how it goes right here next Monday!


Have a MARVELOUS Thursday with whatever is on your list!


Bathroom photos 1 | 2

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