Practice and Patience

practice makes perfect

To say that I’m ambitious would be an understatement.  I might even be ambitious to a fault.  Unlike a lot of people, it’s not with material things that I have the greatest need for accomplishment, it’s with knowledge.  I want to know everything and I want to know it now.  I’ve taught myself everything from basic HTML to basic German. At the risk of sounding like Veruca Salt from the chocolate factory, I have a need to be good at lots of things…and instantly, but as we all know, that doesn’t always happen. If something doesn’t come naturally to me, I often discard it and find something else.  This has resulted in me being a jack of a lot of trades and a master at very little (like the aforementioned basic HTML and basic German, but not advanced in either). My problem isn’t with the desire to learn, it’s with patience to learn.

When it came to calligraphy, I’d always kind of dabbled, and wasn’t great at it, but my desire to be good overcame the initial failures. I was able to move past being uncomfortable without instant success and actually practice.  I met with Tara from Swallowtail Calligraphy and learned some of the basics in an age-old art and, although I am improving, it will take a lot more meetings for me to feel confident.

All of this to say that as adults, is our emphasis on patience and practice lacking? Are we too comfortable in what we’re good at or what we already do well that we don’t put the effort towards learning new things that don’t come natural?

Today, I’m committing to being patient with my practice of calligraphy and being more open to the joy of the learning curve.

Are you learning anything new?  How is the practice going?


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