Prepping and Plotting

I’m preparing to leave town for Salt Lake City, but wanted to pop in and give you the progress on the shelving project that continued this weekend!

I tore up the carpet from the recesses so that we could build the shelving bases directly on the wood floors.  We still haven’t decided yet in the carpet vs. hardwood battle, but tearing up at least the portion under the future shelves is necessary for building them.  Floors will be done after the shelves, so we’ll just take this one step at a time (because that’s how I make decisions).

 I also primed the recesses so that they’re ready for paint after the shelves are built.  Step six in our bedroom process is to paint the entire room, so I wasn’t super careful with the primer.  The entire room will be primed before too long, but I wasn’t getting into all of that this weekend.

We also made a small change to the plans.  Initially, I wanted the shelves all to be the same depth, but adjusted this weekend to a more ‘built in’ esthetic by increasing the depth of the lower two shelves and base, and decreasing the depth of the upper three shelves.  The lower half of the shelving will be an 18 inch depth (flush with the chimney) and the upper shelves will be just 12 inches deep.  The trim construction was also solidified.  It looks pretty cryptic, but in short, we’re applying a flat 1 x 2 to the front of each shelf to help them appear thicker and to hide some of the mechanics.

All of this took me way longer than it should have, as I was watching The Sound of Music while priming which meant that there were lots of breaks for singing and dancing.

I’m headed off to edit some photos and work on some blog administration type work (and I still need to make those baked goods for the new neighbors) How was your weekend?  Productive?

Have a SPLENDID Monday!


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