Pretty Packages + The Devil is in the Details


I’m a total nut when it comes to pretty packaging. This is evident in my gift wrap and in the random things I buy just because they have beautiful details in how they’re packed.  When I receive something in the mail – no matter how small – and it comes all thoughtfully and beautifully packaged, it makes my entire day.

When I changed the branding for my shop and blog in January, it was a relatively abrupt change and I was still lingering on how I wanted to reflect the handwriting of the brand into the paper products and shipping.  If you follow on Insta, you’ll have seen a glimpse of a temporary insert card we were using while I actually landed on a permanent direction.

Anyone who had a product-based business and does any shipping knows how absolutely taxing it is, so I found myself really wanting to amp up the pretty-factor not just for my beloved customers, but also for myself.  Wrapping something beautifully makes giving it all the more enjoyable.

I knew I wanted to carry a few key elements into the packaging – A botanical element, the black, white, and kraft color scheme, and some sort of exterior fun factor.  I think I ended up achieving all three in a way that is still true to my earthy, minimal nature. 




So, we used craft tissue inside of the packages with a kraft label bearing our logo.  Then to get the B&W in there, I used a natural feeling cotton twill tape to wrap up things like plates, utensils, and other little bits. Then our thank you insert cards are one of my favorite pieces that tie it all together and also insert some of the more clean black and white contrast to offset all of the brown. Again, if you follow on Insta, you’ll have seen a snapshot of my business cards, so you see how they match the thank you cards.  I LOVE the botanical element… it makes me feel like I’m living in a turn of the (19th) century apothecary or something.

All in all, it’s simple.  Just like our product, and just like me.  What I like about it is the ability to convey a brand identity without going overboard and sticking a logo on anything that moves.

All of this kind of came to my mind as something I wanted to share last week when I had a few different conversations with designers who struggle to maintain a consistent brand image.  This isn’t specific to designers, though, I think we are the same in our homes and with our outfits.  Anywhere where we put a few different ideas together can evoke feelings of hesitation.  These conversations and the work I do here have me thinking about the power of branding (even of ‘branding’ our lives) and how pinpointing our goals can help our outcome tremendously.

I hope this little glimpse into my business and what I’m doing when I’m not blogging was fun for you!  We’ll actually be back tomorrow chatting about prototyping and how I establish and idea, then create the end product!

Have a fabulous Tuesday, guys!


p.s. ONE MONTH ’til my Europe trip.  I am dying of excitement over here.

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