Printed Balsa Wood Gift Tags

printed balsa wood gift tags

If you loved the printable gift wrap from last week, then you’re also going to love these adorable transfer print balsa gift tags.  Remember the Thanksgiving centerpiece?  Well, I had a fair amount of balsa wood on hand from that project (it was a temporary centerpiece), so I thought about the best way to use the balsa wood again for Christmas.  These tags are the perfect use… since one piece of balsa makes sixteen (!!) tags.  That’s about $0.14 each.  Nice, right? Especially in a world where a pack of 8 tags can cost you $10.

They’re easy as every too… Just a pair of scissors and a home printer is all you need.

DSC_2862 DSC_2865


  • 4″ x 36″ x 3/16″ balsa wood
  • Scissors
  • Waxed paper
  • Home Printer
  • Hole Punch

DSC_2852_1 DSC_2853_1 DSC_2857_1

After you get the tag cut, print out your desired ‘To” and “From” onto a piece of waxed paper.  I just taped some waxed paper onto regular printer paper so that the printer could ‘grab’ onto the paper easily.  Then, I turned the waxed paper over onto the wood and carefully transferred the ink onto the wood.


DSC_2859_1  DSC_2861

They turned out wonderful, right?  It took all of about 30 seconds to make each tag.  I say that is a pretty amazing little DIY!


The tags really dress up the gifts and add a rustic look to my minimal modern black and white wrapping paper.  If you want to download the paper – check out this post!

Have fun with this one, guys!

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