Pumpkin Decor Made Easiest: Silver Antiqued

One of the easiest things to do to your holiday pumpkins is to paint it, but still easier is to get this silver antiqued finish on your plump little fall friend.  The subtle metallic that falls within the crevices gives an effect that doesn’t have to be too exact to still be pretty.

It’s a simple two step process.  ONE spray the pumpkin with a metallic finish spray paint.  TWO use steel wool to rub off the paint that is on the elevated parts of your pumpkin, leaving it to glimmer in the creases.

See!  I told you it would be easy! If you’re low on time (or just like a more minimal look like me) this is perfect for inside or outside.  Wouldn’t a collections of several varying sizes all look great as a centerpiece?


What are your pumpkin decorating plans?  Do you think you’ll give this a try?  I have a more difficult one on the agenda for next week if you’re up for a (pretty) challenge!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday!


p.s.  My husband, Matt is being featured today on the Vmac + Cheese column The Man Behind the Blog. He’s sharing tidbits from his favorite blogs to how he feels about instagramming food. Check it out!

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