Punched Metal Hurricane DIY

geometric hurricane diy

Candlelight is one of those things that’s always welcome.  In the summertime, we love how candlelight punctuates our warm, romantic dinners al fresco, and when the weather starts to turn cooler it turns evenings indoors into a glowing warmth of family, friends, and holiday.

Beautiful hurricanes are also one of those things that always shocks me with the price! You’ll walk out of any home store paying between $30 and $40 for a good sized hurricane.  That is why I decided to make these lovelies!  I think you’ll agree that they’re as darling as store bought and they’re a cinch to make.

geometric metal hurricane diy

I’ve got the product list and three easy steps after the jump, so let’s get started!

geometric lantern DIY

diy metal hurricane materials


  • Metal Sheeting from The Home Depot (it’s in the hardware area near the nails and screws) – $17
  • Assorted Hurricane Vases – mine are all from the dollar store!
  • Shears that can cut metal
  • Measuring Tape

Although the metal sheeting is $17 per sheet, you can get three hurricanes out of each sheet.  Combined with the low price of the vases, you’re looking at around $20 for three hurricanes! Just be sure to map out your cuts to ensure there is room for all three before you go cutting!

bent metal workflow

ONE measure your vase around and in height.  Make sure to only measure from the top of the vase to the bottom of the inside cavity.  Decrease each measurement by 1/2 inch to account for glass thickness. TWO cut your metal sheet to the proper measurement. THREE roll your metal sheet so that the cut edges are on the bottom and inside of the side seam overlap. Slip it down into your vase.

metal geometric lantern diy

gold geo lantern diy

The metal sheeting comes in various patterns.  I choose the brass quatrefoil because I love the brass finish and then I choose a silver ellipse design which I spray painted white.  You could use any colors on this which is one of the reasons why this project is so great!  Anything that allows you all to customize to you own style is perfect in my book!

The glass exterior gives a finished, up-scale look to the hurricanes making them worthy of your holiday table setting!  I’m planning on using these on my Thanksgiving table!

Have fabulous Wednesday, friends!

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