Punchy and Warm

*photo from Atlanta Home Magazine, Design by Lee and Kevin Kleinhelter

With a title like that, you’d think this would be a Christmas post again.  I’ll try not to wear you out on Christmas in the first week of December, so let’s take a little break.

I was especially taken with this vignette when I saw it on Pink Wallpaper  I’m not sure why, but  it really drew me in.

You get an initial punch from the David Hicks wallpaper, and although attention grabbing, it wasn’t the only thing jumping out at me.  I love a good combination of modern traditional with some warm natural elements, but there is also something clearly feminine going on too.  It’s both warm, chic, and cool rolled into one.  I can’t quite put my finger on what I love so much about this.  Can you?

Anything jumping out at you lately?

Have an EXCEPTIONAL Wednesday!

p.s. just ONE comment about Christmas.  House of Earnest is GIVING AWAY one set of themed Crate and Barrel Ornaments for a lucky reader!  Click Here for more info on how to enter!

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