Quick & Easy Gold Lined Tray

gold and white cosmetic tray

I love an easy DIY which can be customized in about a million different ways. I customized this wall plaque from Michaels with a high shine white paint and a really pretty pebbly champagne gold.

The result is perfect for my vanity and a little place to stash a few of my girly things. This would also be really pretty on an entry table for keys and mail or on a coffee table to corral a case of flowers and the remote controls!

gold and white tray

gold lined tray

cosmetic tray

This project cost around $8 total since I used paint I had on hand and only had to purchase the wooden plaque ($5), patterned paper ($1), and the little foot pads ($2). I swear even a DIY novice could make something they really loved with these materials.  Using a durable shelf liner or contact paper would work well for high moisture areas (like the bathroom) so pull out that pretty paper you’ve been hoarding or that fun colored spray paint you’ve been keeping for just the right moment and make something beautiful!

Onto the tutorial!

gold lined tray process 1

gold tray process 2

ONE pry the wall hanging hardware from the back of the plaque and discard. TWO paint the tray with your desired color (I used clean white). THREE go back over your paint with 2-3 coats of high gloss clear coat. This gives the tray a glamorous shine and a finished look. FOUR cut your paper to exactly the inner dimensions of the tray (mine was about 4 5/8 wide). FIVE very lightly spray the back of the paper with spray adhesive and smooth into the bottom of the tray.  This keeps the paper from warping or wrinkling as opposed to a liquid glue. SIX place felt furniture pads on the bottom of the tray to act as little feet.

gold and white makeup tray

diy makeup tray

Do you think you could do it?  What colors are you itching to use?

Have a wonderful rest of your week!  We’re in the home stretch!

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