Quick Patterned Acrylic Trays

acrylic pattern trays

This is such an easy idea to make your New Years Eve bar really cute and unique.  You can use any paper or pattern than falls in line with your party theme and really add a gorgeous touch to your event.

With a frame you can buy at any store from Wal-mart to Micheals, you can easily purchase all of the things to make this simple project.

gold patterned acrylic trays pattern lined acrylic tray

Acrylic box frames take center stage in this two step project, keep reading for the full tutorial, you’ll definitely want to add this small, but totally custom, touch to your NYE event.

lined trays

gold pattern lined trays tutorial

ONE trace around the frame insert onto the back of your patterned paper.  TWO cut out the paper – I use a craft knife, but scissors are totally fine here. THREE use double sided tape to adhere the paper to the inside of the acrylic frame.

You can see that it’s so easy.  The level of customization from the paper is infinite, so you can match any party scheme you have going.

patterned acrylic trays

What colors would you use? I stuck with gold and white because I am just a neutral kind of person, but would you do something that matches another theme you have going?


I hope you love it!  It’s a very quick and fun way to add interest to your holiday party.  Using these as a desk set would also be amazing!



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