Quiet Lazy Morning + Updates and Upcoming Projects

*photos from top left: tasty hotels, weheartit, a well traveled woman

Maybe it is that I wake up too late on the weekends, but for some reason, weekend mornings just aren’t the same as a quiet weekday.  There is something about being up early when things are so quiet and still that makes me want to play hookie from work and enjoy the early morning light from the comfort of my home.

This might be one of the reasons why bright, light spaces, early morning sun and clean white cups full of coffee appeal to me so much- it’s almost like quiet incarnate.

A couple of things on the agenda to share with you:

1.House Tour:  I am going to start next Monday sharing one room from my house each week along with the ‘want list’ for that room.  This will continue until all of my rooms are cataloged and then you’ll have a full house tour (which I’ll also make into a link on the blog with all the photos in one place).

2. Projects:  I have some cool new projects coming down the pipeline: another handmade pendant light,  some more office organization, a few furniture projects and the planning for a Halloween party that is in the works.

3. Floral School: I start formal training in floral design on Monday- for which I am SO excited!  This is just meant to be a side project in addition to my normal 9-5 (or shall I say 8-8?)

I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!  Have a RELAXING Wednesdsay!

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