R.I.P. Kitchen Rug

Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

You might remember back in March when I showed off my kitchen with the addition of a new rug in the post ‘Graphic Contrast or Clash’ and then more in depth kitchen photos in ‘Before the Before’… Yes I did love the addition of the striped rug to my home.  Since my house is soooo old,  I felt that it took my kitchen up a notch on the cool graphic scale.

Well, It’s gone.  I’m not going to go into details because it is just too painful, but all I’ll say is that it had something to do with this guy. So we quietly rolled it up, took it out to the trash. For days before the garbage man came, it sat out there staring at me like, “oh, Erin. Don’t you love me?”  (I might have cried before I requested that my husband rearrange the trash so it didn’t stare at me through the back window).

I’m already planning my next rug, maybe something that is a little more durable like my entry rug by Thomas Filicia? But its design is a little traditional.  My goal was to have more of a modern graphic element. So maybe this yellow zigzag rug from Brita Sweden? Both are made from plastic, but really look like a flatwoven rug in person!

My other plan is just to rebuy the black and white rug and keep in a closet somewhere until the timing is better for it (because I really like it!)

What are your thoughts?

Well, off to work!  I have an out-of-town vendor in that I am schlepping around with all day, then it is back home for my party prep!  WooHoo!

Have a FABULOUS Wednesday!

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