Rainy, Sleepy, and Need to Get Some Work Done Tuesday

I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off last night trying to get all of the ideas and inspirations that are swimming through my head in some kind of order.  Here is a little secret about me, I have a terrible short-term memory.  I won’t remember where I was in the middle of a sentence because I have so many thoughts and inspirations that I want to express and can’t get them all out.

Sometimes I just need to take a some time and organize my constant flowing thoughts.  I think the trouble I’m in right now is that I haven’t done this in so long that they’re all tangled up there in my mind.  Here are just a few things I’m prepping for in life and in blog:

  • thanksgiving centerpieces and place setting post
  • a new kind of mercury glass post
  • homemade wrapping papers and gift tags
  • a cute cute advent calendar idea
  • some homemade garland to replicate a West Elm version
  • stacks stacks stacks of laundry
  • our christmas cards
  • a new knife block idea
  • hosting dinner tomorrow night for my friends (who also happen to be my boss and his wife)
  • organizing family thanksgiving whats going on, who is staying where.
  • a little blog redesign
  • cleaning my house (this might be outsourced)
  • my master bedroom, guest bedroom, and bar area redesigns and renovations
  • work

Well, there you have it.  In no sort of order, but it helps to get it out there in the open.  I’m trying to accomplish these things in the next two weeks Clearly the dinner and my cleaning should take place stat!

What do you have on your agenda today, this week, this month, this year (?!)… holy crap the year is almost over!



*all photos by House of Earnest except for #3 Slipper Socks

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