Red Tipped Valentine DIY

I got the idea to make these color-tipped flowers from coffee filters from the theme I’m choosing for my second annual Valentine’s Day dinner party. Matt and I went to a cooking class a couple weeks ago with a ‘Winter Night in Spain’ theme and it hit me how fun a Spanish themed party would be.  Visions of flamenco started running through my head and I wanted to emulate some vibrant flower garland to drape above the dining room table.

It was simple and pretty quick, which is double good in by book.

ONE mix together a couple tablespoons of water and enough food coloring to reach your desired color. Very gingerly dip an entire stack of 50 coffee filters into the mixture. TWO The filters soak up the dye very quickly, so keep a light hand with the dipping. THREE after they’re dry, pull apart, flatten, and restack about 4-5 filters.  FOUR fold in half. FIVE holding from the middle of the fold, squeeze the ends up to create a flower and staple in place. SIX separate and fluff the layers.

One pack of 100 filters made 25 flowers, which was more than enough for all the many uses I could think up!

I hope you give this a try! It was a lot of fun, and oh so pretty!

Have a LOVELY Thursday!

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