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white linen

I’ve heard multiple people talk about the sport (or art) of surfing and how going with the wave – riding it where it takes you – is key to being a successful surfer. We cannot try to fight it, because it’s so much bigger and holds so much more power than anything we posses. Now, I don’t surf, but in other aspects of life, at what point do we stop fighting certain constants and just ‘ride the wave’?

I am going to make a silly comparison, but, hear me out.  I’ve been fighting a duvet cover situation for several years now.  I want white. I want ALL white. The issue is that it get so dirty.  It’s the grime left from where I grab it at the top, the sunless tanning spray that I neglected to wash from my legs,  the paw prints from our hairy little four-legged monster who jumps up, the coffee that may or may not get dribbled when I drink it in bed, it’s just inevitable that there will be things which show up. Constant washing seems to just make patterns and colors dull and crumpled – looking worse than the dirtiness itself.

In the meantime, I’ve bought a new (non-white) duvet cover probably every 6 months, trying to fill a void that just cannot be satiated.  I had an ‘aha’ moment the other day when I was thinking about hotels, and the reasons they use all white linens – they can easily be bleached.  Something that you certainly cannot do to any other color.  They’re riding the wave.  Using the benefits inherent to the nature of the beast. I didn’t consider working with the white linens because I was so gung-ho to work against them.

I’m here today, giving into the currents of nature, ready to go with the flow and ride the wave.

What’s your wave? Are you going against it?