Rose Gold Leather Mousepad DIY

rose gold leather mousepad

Happy hump day friends!  How is the work week going?  Mine has been fairly busy.  I’ve decided to take a last minute trip to Las Vegas this weekend to de-thaw myself after what has been the coldest week on record in Ohio. Matt was headed there for work anyway, so I am just tagging along.  I have a video to shoot while I’m there, so I am hoping to find some fun locales for a few shots.

Around here, I’m still making a few changes to settle into my office. I love the rough, farmhouse look of the table, but realized that when I use my mouse, it’s a little bit of a bumpy ride.  I haven’t used a mousepad in years since they moved to lasers, so I kind of laughed to myself when I realized that I needed one.

I knew that I had enough on hand to create a pretty rose gold leather mousepad. Originally, I was just thinking that a piece of leather would do just fine, but it was a little to light to lay flat and kept shifting around, so I made a few updates and was surprised how easily it came together with a few simple steps





  • Leather
  • Cork
  • Spray Adhesive

mouse pad materials

diy leather mousepad 1

First, trace out an outline of your mousepad using a small tray or box as a template. Then cut out around the traced line.

Next, spray a piece of cork with spray adhesive.  It’s less gooey than regular glue, which holds the leather in place better and doesn’t seep through the holes in the cork.  The cork sheet can just be bought at Michaels in the area where all the scrapbook paper is.

diy leather mousepad 2

diy leather mousepad 3

Press your leather onto the adheised (not a word, but it is now) cork, then trim off the excess cork.

diy leather mousepad 4


All done.  See how easy that was?  It actually adds some pretty shine to my desk as well.  If you’re not sure where to grab a piece of leather you can search on Etsy or I also use Tandy Leather quite often.  I usually buy leather just whenever I find something that I like and then I have it on hand for prototyping new designs in the shop or for whipping up crafts such as this.



This project could easily be made into a set of coasters or a trivet as well, is there anything that pops in your mind that could be made with this simple cork & leather combo?

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a fun announcement (especially for those of you who have kiddos), so be sure to check in!

P.S. My DSLR battery was dead all day yesterday and so this entire post was done with my iPhone.  It’s a little disturbing and a little awesome that an iPhone really can do as well as an expensive camera in some cases…. oh technology.

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