Rustic Spring Zinc Vases & Planters


Are you guys feeling the spring vibes yet where you live?  Yesterday, I spent some time at my wholesale flower market picking up greens for around the house and when I walked into the greenhouse, a waft of fresh, warm, herby goodness just flooded through me and I knew that spring was here.  Better yet, when I got home, I took a quick walk around the yard with Perry and realized that some of our bushes and trees were sprouting their green buds.

Between the budding branches I snipped from the yard and the flowers I brought back from the floral market, I knew I was going to have something good to put in my new corrugated zinc planters/vases.  You might remember earlier this year, I make a ‘winter greens’ arrangement in my low Norah vase, but last week I got more sizes of these rustic vessels in the shop and was so excited to use them!




One of the things I like most about using non-glass vases is that since you can’t see the insides, you can use them with soil as a planter (like I did with my succulents) or you could use floral foam or even just use as a standard vase.  Sometimes, not seeing below the surface of an arrangement makes it look a bit more tidy if you’re not a great floral designer, too.

Grouping a few together look like a super well put-together arrangement and it took pretty much no effort.  It just took one bouquet from the market, some clipped branches from my yard, a succulent that I had in another pot, and a faux olive plant that graces my desk year round (it’s the only thing I haven’t killed).  It works for two reasons. First, having the grouping of similar vessels brings the entire thing together, and second, like colored plants keep the arrangement from being too varied.



I have these scattered around in every room and they’re making the house feel so fresh and lively! Just look at those anemones!

Have you guys been adding anything especially springy to your house this week?  I’d love to hear how you’re ‘feeling the spring’ where you are!


p.s. You can shop the entire line of Norah Vases HERE! 


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