Salvage Sale Scores

Wow, say that three times fast… Salvage sale scores… I went to a salvage sale auction on Monday and ended up winning a couple of fun things! I landed this lot of three wooded trays for $15! You can see the bottom one has three sections with little library-esque metal label slots. It measures about 48 by 40 inches and I can see it as the PERFECT coffee table with a piece of glass fit on top.  It would require me buying or making an apparatus for the legs, but totally worth it!

The two other wooden trays, although dirty, are beautiful wood and I’m just over the top with ideas on what to do with them! Here are five of my favorites that I whipped up this morning!

1. Make a Bigger Statement! You may have pieces of art which are smaller than what you would put on a feature wall.  Encase them with a beautiful tray for bigger impact.

2. Give your guest the royal treatment.  I like to put guest items out in the open so they can clearly what is available for their use!  House all the guest necessities in a stylish tray for clear definition – it can then be moved to any table top or dresser for use throughout the weekend.

3. You can’t grow wrong with an indoor garden, but who has enough windowsill space? Amp up your real estate in the sun by placing an easy to move, and easy to clean tray on top of two sturdy stools or a side table.

4.  I told you about my love for accent tables, right? Any basket or bin can be turned into a beautiful accent table in a flash with a well placed tray.

5.  Corral your centerpiece!  My centerpieces are usually multiple things grouped together, which can get irritating when they have to be moved (hello dusting!).  I like to keep my centerpiece contained on a tray for easy transport.


What are your thoughts?  Any new uses for trays you think you’ll try?  Do you have a creative use for a tray?  Please Share!

REMEMBER!!!  house of earnest* reader submission day is approaching!  Submit your before and after photos of things you’ve taken from gross to great with a little spray paint!!! Email the photos to with a brief description!

I hope your Wednesday is AWESOME!!

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