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We definitely had some exciting news this weekend, our home and our lives as Grandiflora owners are featured in 614 Magazine. It’s a wonderful article about how path to living in this home and the history of its life before we moved in.

To tell you all a secret, even with the rich history of this home, our time in this house is limited.  We’ve made improvements and renovations, but all were with the understanding that we wouldn’t be here long-term.  Some of the changes we made were cosmetic, just to get us by living in a place we loved living.  Other changes were totally functional.  We needed to replace a beam under the kitchen floor and put on a new roof. We love this house and it’s such a big part of the family (read the article for more on that!) So what’s the plan?

Well, the home we live in (and the property next door which we own) are set on several acres.  Our goal is to build our dream home on the acreage – a modern, minimalist barn style home surrounded by lush greenery. It will be awesome.

Living in a home we know isn’t forever is definitely a hard balance… where to spend vs where to save. What is completely indulgent (and should wait until the dream home)? What is really just a common comfort that we should go ahead and complete?

We’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that we’ll be in this home for another five-ish years which means we’ll probably have kids here and need to make some space saving changes to create the best possible environment for that phase of our lives.  We’re taking steps over the next few weeks to make the best of this space (and our one bathroom!).

I’m excited to share some of these upcoming changes within the next few weeks and home you guys will come along for the ride.  We’ll optimize the space we do have by reorganizing the configuration of our upstairs, but will take some shortcuts, knowing that what we do doesn’t have to last another 100 years. You guys have seen a lot of our bedroom and office, but we’re going to be pumping up the other three rooms upstairs (two bedrooms and a bathroom).  Get ready for the journey, it’s sure to be fun!


Come back tomorrow for the GIVEAWAY that we initially were going to do last week, but was postponed.

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