Posted on by Erin | Earnest Home

It has been a crazy hectic few months for us and the last two weeks have really been nothing different.  I could run you through a laundry list of all the trying things that have been going on, but I know everyone has these things, and we all come here to escape, and enjoy ourselves. 

Today I saw these super feminine photos of a bathroom from Skona Hem.  I don’t usually love the ultra girly, but I’m thinking that every now and then when you’re feeling overwhelmed, something pretty is so sweet.   It makes me feel like I want to be taken care of, and pampered (and maybe coddled a bit) which is ok every so often – even for us ‘type-A’, ‘do it yourself’ girls!

So sit back, relax from the craziness (or from your mad dash to get a Pinterest Challenge project finished last week!) and just say to yourself SERENITY NOW! (click for a laugh)

Have a SERENE Tuesday!