Shelving on my Mind

How about a little organization to start your week? My friend KM is dealing with the daunting task of filling up some beautiful built-ins. Of course, you can just fill them up with all sorts of various items, but if there is one unifying idea that or recurring element to your shelves, you can make a statement!

A home library seems so grand and luxurious, but it is also a very practical way to organize your book collection or give your family a go-to space for studying or relaxing.  In addition to the books on the shelves, a comfortable chair and lighting added to a corner will give the necessary touches to create your own library.  If you don’t have enough reading material to start out your collection,  get some old books from a second hand shop and cover them (old school style) with patterned craft paper. In time you’ll collect enough of your own books to get rid of (or donate!) the original stand-ins.

above from oliveaux via homelife magazine

I like the mirror added to these shelves, which adds a dramatic impact – not to mention could cover up where you’re still lacking books!

above from pottery barn

How do you feel about adding a home library?  I might add this to my home idea list…

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