Silhouette Stitched Pillow

dog silhouette pillow by

If you’ve followed House of Earnest for a while, you’ll probably know that my love for my dog is probably rivaled by my love for pillows (don’t tell her that), but this project brings the best of both worlds.  A simple stitch on an open weave pillow covering is easy to configure in any shape.  I considered a quirky word, but I’m kind of over ‘word’ art in my house.  I thought a nice big heart would be darling, or even a more abstract stitched pattern for the design included would be amazing.

I landed on the silhouette idea in an effort to mesh something classic with something current and glam (like the metallic finish on the pillow) for a bit of design contrast.

Dog Silhouette Diptych

It was very easy, and anyone with a spare 30 minutes could do something similar.  I stitched it up just last night while watching Downton Abbey. I felt a little like Martha Washington or someone – darning fireside – but it was over in a flash.

Continue reading for the step by step!


  • Pillow with an open weave
  • Darning needle (in the yarn section of your craft store)
  • Crochet yarn in size 10
  • Printed pattern of your choosing

dog silo pillow materials

stitched dog pillow workflow

ONE estimate the amount of yarn you need by draping it around your pattern – then double it.  String the doubled yard through your darning needle. TWO cut out your pattern to use as a guide.  Use masking tape to lightly tape to your pillow. THREE stitch around the perimeter of your pattern.

Tie off the ends and knot to secure before tossing onto your couch and admiring.

Try this project and upload to facebook for the House of Earnest world to see!  What? You don’t like us on Facebook?  You can here!


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