Silver & Gold for the Cane Chair

Cane Chair Fabric

So, guys, I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news is, I finally tallied the results of your votes for which fabric I should use on the pair of cane chairs I found along the side of the road.  The image above is clearly a give-a-way that the winner was the black and silver tribal pattern.

The bad news is, in person, the fabric is totally blue cast.  I thought that the ground color was white (or cream) in the online photo, but it’s a very muddy powdery silver-blue.  Still, in the photo I took above, it’s hard to see it, but it’s there…. lurking beneath the darker grey and black pattern.  Don’t fret, however… I have a plan. 

I do actually really like the pattern, but not for the chair.  It won’t go well with gold at all.  Sad face, right? When I ordered the yardage, however, I also ordered a swatch of the “runner-up” fabric, which was way cuter in person.  The flocked dots are about the size of a nickel and really pom-pomy.  Score!  I’d just order that fabric.  It’s black and white, has a touch of fun, no sneaky silver to derail me.  But then, I got online to order.  The sad truth about the situation is that the runner up is sold out! 

So, I’m scouring the interwebs for the flocked dot fabric today.  And the (muddy powdery blue) silver lining for the tribal fabric is that these will make gorgeous euro shams for my bedroom.

bedroom sconces 1 copy

Pretty, right? I’m hoping this whole situation will turn around once I find the flocked fabric online and drag out my sewing machine for some euroshams.  I think this will end well.

Thoughts? Are you still thinking the tribal would go with the chair?

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