Simple DIY Luggage Rack for Summer Guests

diy luggage rack

Over the years, I’ve made a few household DIYs with old directors chairs since they’re so easy to find for really cheap at garage sales or thrift stores.  This particular project came to me after traveling for the last couple of weekends and having our own guests for the next two weekends.

Having somewhere to put your luggage that is both dedicated and elevated is a big plus for me… and not just because I can’t quite bend over at the moment in my advanced stages of pregnancy.  I think that something as small and simple as a luggage rack for guests makes them feel expected and welcome.  And it’s crazy easy.

DSC_4081 diy guest luggage rack 0

First, go ahead and remove the arms from your chair.  You won’t be needing them.  You can discard them or save them for the bonfire you’ll have with your guests.  Whatever you prefer.

Next, I chose to paint the frame of my chair black because I wanted a monochromatic look with my jute and black webbing that I chose to use for this project.  A painted base is totally optional, however. This project would be half as complex if you didn’t want to paint.


diy guest luggage rack 1 diy guest luggage rack 2

Next, open up the stool base and measure across the base and down the side edges to where your webbing will be attached. Cut your webbing to the appropriate length. If you have a standard sized chair, yours will probably be about 24.5″ like mine was.

Now, with your stool base closed, staple one end of your pre-cut webbing to the side edge with the cut end upwards towards the top of the frame.  The makes the staples covered and invisible when finished.

diy guest luggage rack 3

diy guest luggage rack 4

Go ahead and flip the webbing over the staples and around to the other side of the frame. With the frame still closed, you can also staple the opposite side of the webbing to the side edge upside down as well.  Then, when the stool is opened, both stapled edges will be masked.

diy guest luggage rack 5 DSC_4084

Tada! How easy was that?  And since the luggage rack folds up nice and flat, you can just slide it under the guest bed and bring it out when company arrives so they know there is a dedicated spot for them and their stuff (that isn’t on the floor!).

I think ours will be getting a lot of use as we complete our guest suite!

Have a happy hump day, everyone!

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