Simple or Sparse?

Simplicity.  It is something that I strive for in my life and in my home.  Over-regimented and over-complex things are not efficient things.  But – when do we get to the point of over simplifying?

*photos from Jeanette Lunde via Houzz

I love the simple, easy, clean, and refreshing look of this house.  It has bright white walls and floors, both of which evoke the feeling of a breeze coming through a window (or maybe because I currently do have a breeze coming through my window as I sit and type..).

Regardless – this brings me to my question for the day.  Can a room be too simple to be user-friendly? Or does the simplicity actually lead to smoothness and efficiency in the home?

Give me your answer!  Click on the ‘comments’ link in grey under the title to let me know your thoughts… Is it simply refreshing, or sparsely usable?

P.S. ALSO- Don’t forget about the house of earnest* READER SUBMISSION day!  This is your chance to have your project featured on the blog!  I am extending the deadline for entry to SUNDAY, June 12!

Have fun and have a FULLFILLING Thursday!

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