Simple or Styled?

dining room design

As a type A person, I’d drawn toward organized, ‘buttoned-up’ spaces, but sometimes when I’m decorating my home, I need to relax a bit.

Both of these rooms are beautiful, but each offers something different.  It all comes down to how you use your room.  Do you want it to be used for kids’ homework, or entertaining? or both?

If you would have flashed these by me five years ago, I probably would have picked the ‘styled’ – with all of its rustic elements mixed with glam and traditional. But ask me now, and I find myself leaning toward the simple – which can be equally difficult to do right.

It all comes down to personal preference, but what would you say you are?  Simple? Or Styled?



p.s. if you follow me on instagram, and saw my dinner last night, you probably would have known that I’d classify myself as simple… I ate beans with tomatoes and loved every second of it!

photo credit styled | simple


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