Simple, Seasonal: The Happy Hostess

I spent the last weekend with my two sister-in-laws and both asked me for something a little different in terms of ideas they were looking for this holiday season.  One, for good hostess gifts that aren’t boring, but also aren’t crazy expensive.  One for some really simple, but impactful ideas for projects or decor DIYs. I decided that I would start a little holiday only column entitled, Simple, Seasonal.  It would be easy, go-to ideas to make this season a little less hectic.

First up on the list is a hostess gift that anyone throwing a soiree would love to receive – breakfast.  As they wake the day after their gala with dishes in the sink, and maybe a little headache, provide them with a little something to wash down with their morning coffee.

It doesn’t have to be hard.  These scones are Pumpkin Cranberry from a mix sold by Trader Joe’s but they still have a homemade texture. If you have a really great bakery in town, picking up some delicacies and wrapping them up nice is just as thoughtful.  Your happy hostess will be thinking of you the next morning and how thankful she is you are friends.

Have a LOVELY Thursday!


p.s. for the other sister-in-laws request for simple, easy decor projects, I have a few really fun ideas coming your way after my WEEK of giveaways next week (get excited for some awesome prizes!

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