Simple Spooky Halloween: Lovely Bones

simple halloween decor spooky

It’s getting a little spooky around here!  Halloween is in just three weeks and this is the prefect time to start incorporating some small decorations around the house.  I don’t go all-out for halloween, but I like a few clever nods to the holiday.  My halloween decor usually is very very simple, not store-bought, and just a tad spooky.

There is a big reason why I don’t buy something pre-made and stick it up on the wall.  I think decorations are all the more eerie when they’re incorporated with your everyday look.  It almost makes someone do a double-take when they see it, which sends a little chill down their spine and that is the perfect way to decorate for this fun and festive holiday.

spooky cute halloween decorations

My plan worked like a charm too, last night these glass specimen jars where neatly styled in the bookcase and my husband all of a sudden was like, “are there bones in there?”.  To which I replied, “of course”.  I think he was a little weirded out, but that’s the point, no?

It’s a two step and totally do-able project! 

Buying a full skeleton is more economical and you get all of the pieces which I like.  I got this one for $6 on clearance at Michaels.

  • Plastic Skeleton (now 50% off from Michaels)
  • Ivory Spray Paint

lovely bones tutorial

ONE unscrew all of the joints and pull apart any possible pieces of the skeleton.  I even took a small saw to the main body and separated it into three parts, the skull, the ribcage, and the pelvis.  TWO spray paint the pieces of your choice.

simply spooky halloween decorations

I like going further than using the average femur bones and using some very distinct ones – like the pelvis and hand.  I think it makes the whole project even creepier.

If you’ve ever wanted to do just a bit of halloween decorating but in a classy, subtle way, this is your project!


Looking for more simple but spooky ideas?  I’ve posted three easy ideas on the Bali Blog!  Check them out HERE!


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