Single Serve Summer


I feel comfortable saying that summer is in full swing.  I know that technically it doesn’t start until the end of June, but being that memorial day has passed, the temps are rising, and schools are out, I’m counting summer as started.

Of course, summer makes me think of weddings and outdoor parties more than any other time in the year.  I’m a sucker for anything served in mini size or individual portions, so a custom drink accompanied by a straw to sip it with makes me so happy. It is the perfect little portion to serve when you can’t be available to serve each guest on your own.

Here, I used glass jars with corked tops, available here, along with pretty paper straws, all tied neatly together with some twine.

wedding favor drink diptych

individual drink favor

party favor drinks

Any drink looks darling inside a personal jar complete with stripey straw.  The best part is that you can make whatever specialty drink you’d like in a large batch and don’t have to worry about mixing drinks on the spot.  I’ve bottled up a blueberry basil green tea which is perfect for a hot summer day. What would you mix up?

drink favors

This would be an awesome wedding favor idea and would also be so cool for whatever summer party you’re holding at your house.  If you want to get real thrifty, save the glass bottles you use though out the next couple of months and repurpose them into this fun, single serve party idea.

Happy sipping!

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