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Last fall I fell in love with this photo of an eclectic natural dining room which I found in my obsessive scouring of remodelista.  I especially loved the linen slipcovered directors chairs.

I had my eye on the Liege slipcovered armchair from restoration hardware, and although it was similar, it didn’t quite have the casual de-constructed look I found appealing about my inspiration photo above.

I felt that with a structured chair, this dining room would transform from eclectic natural to eclectic traditional… I very much wanted to keep the natural vibe.  So I decided to stitch one up myself. My thought process is always that if I make something myself, I’ll not only have the ability to customize it to my liking but, I’ll have the satisfaction of loving and living with something I created.

And this was the outcome. I purposefully made the edge seams exposed to even further accentuate the de-constructed natural feeling of the original inspiration.  Keeping the side seams turned in, however kept that feeling balanced with a tidy, straight line.

The best part about it, I got exactly what I wanted, and it only cost me $30!

Any new projects on your horizons this weekend?

Sadly, I won’t have any new DIY’s for a few weeks… I’m traveling to China on Thursday for two weeks! I will still post from the other side of the world, but I don’t think the W Hong Kong will be all that happy with me running around deconstructing, painting, or re-vamping anything!

Have a WONDERFUL Monday!  It looks like its going to be a good one!