Sometimes I Cheat

 I create soups and stews from scratch all of the time because it’s a good way to use what’s in your pantry. This, friends, is one of the best creations and it only has three ingredients. It is so downright easy I consider it cheating on my personal mission to make our meals homemade each night (even though it really isn’t).

Here are the three things you’ll need:

  • cooked rotisserie chicken, shredded
  • can of black bean soup
  • corn salsa (trader joes has THE BEST one which I consider essential)

I mix these all together in a large pot with about  a cup or two of water depending on the consistency of the black bean soup (I use Amy’s or Trader Joe’s Brand by the way).  I don’t love to rave about my cooking, because it isn’t my strongest suit, but I cannot emphasize enough how amazingly delicious this stew turns out. 

Have a WARM Tuesday!

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