Sometimes it’s a Fail

diy fail

Well, I can’t tell you that broken pieces of a bench I’ve been trying to make for the last two months was top on my list of things to blog about today, but here we are.

I was really proud of myself with this bench.  I had used the miter saw without aide, made it as solid as I could, and was thrilled when the high gloss black finish turned out so smooth.  I even used primer under the paint – a step I usually just shortcut around because… who has time for primer? 

I was about 7/8th finished and was preparing to photograph the masterpiece so that I could share it today. I  had the base up on the dining room table and topped it with the upholstered seat and like a newborn horse, all the legs just kind of went their own way.  The entire frame broke into about a ka-billion pieces (ok, so maybe like 10 pieces, but still…)

I just stood there in shock! My bench!  I spent months on it!  I typically whip up a DIY in one day, so this was a big time investment and then it just…broke!

For whatever reason, I immediately started drawing comparisons between the bench and life.  In the last few months, I feel like so many things just like this have happened to me, both in work and in my personal life.  You know the feeling, right?  Things are going along great, until they’re not.  You look at the heaping mess you’re in and think, “how did this happen?”  In the past, I’ve just scrapped these types of projects.  It’s like, “Ok, that didn’t work.  Next thing!” But with some of these these life issues, there is no scrapping it. There is just pinpointing what the issue was and trying again.

So I think I will try again.  With the bench, I think I’ll buy some harder wood (not pine).  For a work project that’s been eeking along, I think I’ll look at it again today with clear eyes.  For a life issue that I haven’t yet shared, I think I’m done thinking about the messy parts and ready to start anew.

All of this from a broken bench, I know.  But sometimes it’s the trivial things that shed light on how we handle the bigger things.  Today is the beginning of a new week and a new month.  When else is a better time than to recognize the fail and move along?

I hope you’re out there today starting this week strong!  I’d love to hear from you below!  Anything that’s blown up recently and you’re getting back into the saddle?

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